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 Empowering ALL children especially those raised by non-biological parents through academic support, mentoring and extracurricular enrichment.

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Really powerful article, “Seven Days of the Heroin Epidemic in Cincinnati”

  • In one week, 180 people overdosed and 18 people died from opioid use
  • Almost 50% of children in the custody of Butler County Children Services were placed there because of parental drug use. Of this 50%, 63% of the drug use was attributed to opioids. (Article here)
  • Because there are not enough foster homes in Hamilton County, almost 50% of the children in Hamilton County foster care are placed in a county other than their home one


  • Ohio’s opioid death rate is the fourth highest in the country
  • Ohio has the highest rate of fatal heroin overdoses
  • In Ohio, an estimated 23 people die of opioid overuse every week
  • 28% of foster children statewide are in custody because their parents use opioids
  • Number of children in custody has increased 19%; however, amount of state funding has decreased 17% (from Hamilton County JFS presentation)


  • 11.8 million people abuse opioids
  • In 2015, drug overdose was the “leading cause of accidental death in the US”; within this cohort, opioid overdose makes up the greatest percentage (from the American Society of Addiction Medicine)
  • In 2015:
    • 12.5 million people misused prescription opioids
    • More than 33,000 people died from using opioids
    • Almost 13,000 people died from using heroin

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